What to Know Before Moving to Washington

If you’re considering a move to Washington state, it’s easy to see why! This state has a lot to offer its residents – from low taxes to beautiful scenery and more. Located in the Pacific Northwest, Washington is a picturesque and wonderful place to live for individuals, families, retirees, and anyone else drawn in by the allure this state has. With a population of nearly 8 million people, Washington is full of not only great cities and activities for the whole family, but amazing national parks, mountains, coasts, and plenty of open natural space to enjoy.

Washington is known for being a very eco-friendly state that is a magnet for nature lovers and those who enjoy outdoor recreation. That being said, it also has a healthy mixture of busy cities for those less inclined to explore the outdoors.  

Even though Washington state is widely loved by many, it’s of course not right for everyone, and you should always do plenty of research before heading out on a long-distance move to a new area. So, is the state the right move? Discover what you should know before moving to Washington in this complete guide.  


How to Find the Right Washington State Moving Company 

Before we jump into what you need to know before moving to Washington, let’s discuss one of the most important aspects of the moving process itself: having the right professional movers. If you’re going forward with your Washington move, having a company on your side that knows the state and who has the experience and expertise to bring you the best possible moving process is the key to having a successful relocation.  

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What to Know Before Moving to Washington 

There are some key factors at play that you should take into account before moving to any state, Washington state included. In addition to the following key aspects, however, don’t forget to also take into account job opportunities in your specific field, how accessible activities having to do with your hobbies are there, and more personal lifestyle-centric factors. That being said, the following are what you should know before moving to Washington.  


Cost of Living 

Though as a whole, Washington is an affordable place to live, this does differ greatly from area to area. Towns and less populated cities like Olympia, Quincy, or Auburn are very affordable and offer a low cost of living that will favor your bank account. In contrast, larger or more popular areas like Seattle, Bellevue, or Sammamish are definitely on the higher end of the spectrum expense-wise.  

As a whole, the state of Washington has a cost of living coming in at 13% higher than the national average, with housing prices coming in at 22% higher than the national average.  

Though these are undoubtedly costly aspects to take into account, those moving to Washington do get a break due to the state’s lack of income tax, which creates a huge benefit for those of all incomes.  

Economy & Job Market 

In 2022, the state of Washington was ranked as the best economy in the country according to Wallet hub. This site took into account economic activity, health, and potential for growth. Washington’s employment rates have also grown nearly 34% in the last decade thanks to the influx of tech industry jobs to the state.  


When thinking of Washington’s climate, you probably think of it being rainy and chilly, and though you wouldn’t be wrong, you should also consider that Washington actually has 2 climate zones. The Western area of the state experiences frequent cloudiness, fog, and rain you typically associate with the state. In contrast, eastern Washington experiences warm summers and cool (but not too cold!) winters, with more variety season-wise. 

The state does experience frequent rain and snowfall depending on which area of the state you’re headed to.  


Washington is also frequently associated with beautiful nature and outdoor space, which would be accurate. Washington has tons of outdoor activities to get up to, as well as some of the most beautiful national parks and beaches in the country. If you enjoy hiking, biking, camping, or just enjoy being surrounded by nature, this state is the one for you.

Some of its most notable national parks include: 

  • Olympic National Park 
  • Mount Rainier National Park 
  • North Cascades National Park 
  • Mount Saint Helens 
  • Mount Baker 

…and more! 

 Educational Opportunities 

Home to some of the best public schools in the country, this state offers a high-quality education for those of all grade levels. For higher educational opportunities, choose from University of Washington, Seattle University, Gonzaga University, Washington State University, and more to receive a top-tier education.

Food & Drink 

With its coastal location, we’re sure you can assume how amazing the fresh seafood in Washington is. Beyond seafood, the state is also home to many beautiful vineyards and agricultural areas that yield delicious food, including its famed apples, cherries, salmon, and more. Home of Starbucks, the state is also famous for its coffee culture.  

Sports & Entertainment 

Washington state has many different sports teams to enjoy and cheer on. From football to hockey to baseball to soccer, the state has many national and local teams to root for no matter where you are.

No matter what you’re looking for out of your new home, we’re sure you can find the right place for you in Washington. With amazing scenery, great food, and amazing educational and employment opportunities, it’s a wonder you’re not already here! When you make your move, don’t forget to use Olympic Moving & Storage to make your relocation even better than expected. See what we can do for your household or business today.

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