Create Your Moving Inventory List

With a completed Moving Inventory List we will be able to provide you with a fast, free, and accurate estimate for your moving costs. Be as thorough as possible – we rely on the completeness of your list to provide an accurate estimate. If you don’t see an item listed, don’t worry, you will be able to add miscellaneous items before you’re finished. Okay, it’s pretty simple….. are you ready?

The 8 Steps to Creating Your Moving Inventory:

Step 1: Select the Branch Closest to Your Moving Origin Point. (If you don’t know, use your best guess – we can change this later if needed.)

Step 2: Select which Rooms you will be moving items from. Select as Many as Applicable.

Step 3: Select which Items you want to include in your move. Don’t worry if the picture doesn’t match your item exactly – just try to use your best judgement.

*Important: You will be able to select from the Master List and add Additional Items Not Listed before you finish. If you press the back button you will have to re-select everything on the current page.

Step 4: Make sure you didn’t forget anything! Review our master list and select any items that you did NOT include already but would like to have included in your move.

Step 5: Select the amount of Carrier Packed Boxes and/or Shipper Packed Boxes that you would like to include in your move.

Step 6: Input any Additional Items that were Not Listed and Not Selected/Included previously. Include your estimated Cubic Feet for each item. For better accuracy, you can measure your item and convert inches to cubic feet with the chart here. (Link will open in new tab if you would like to open it now and save it for later.) If you do not have any additional items to add you can skip this step.

Step 7: Input where you are Moving From, where you are Moving To, and your Approximate Moving Date. If you don’t have an exact address just be as specific as you are able to be. If you don’t have an exact moving date just be as close as you are able to be.

Step 8: Review the Total Cubic Feet of your move and Submit for an Estimate. Enter your contact information (Name, Phone, and Email) and click the “Get My Free Quote” button below to send your Moving Inventory to our Move Coordinator. You will be emailed a copy of your Inventory and be contacted with your Free Estimate generally within 1 business day.

Start by Choosing Your Closest Branch Location:

Select the branch location nearest to your origin point.