Spokane City Spotlight

The Pacific Northwest city of Spokane is thriving and expanding, and it has a varied and interesting culture. It doesn’t matter if you’re relocating to Spokane for business, family, or just a change of scenery—you’ll adore everything this city has to offer. Olympic Movers has assisted countless families and businesses in moving to this lovely city as a dependable Spokane moving company. We’ll give you a guide to Spokane in this blog article to assist you familiarize yourself with the city before you move. 

Location and Climate 

Spokane is situated 20 miles from the Idaho border in eastern Washington. The Spokane River runs through the city, which is encircled by mountains and undulating hills. Warm summers and chilly winters, with an average of 17 inches of annual precipitation, define Spokane’s climate. 

Cost of Living  

Spokane has a somewhat lower cost of living when compared to other urban areas in the Pacific Northwest. The average cost of a property in Spokane is about $260,000, making accommodation costs particularly affordable. Also, the city boasts a thriving job market with a diverse range of businesses and beneficial opportunities for both experts and division level professionals. 

Culture and Entertainment  

Spokane is a city with a rich culture and dynamic expressions scene. The Spokane Ensemble Symphony is one of the top provincial symphonies in the nation, and the city is home to a few theaters and execution settings, including the Spokane City Theater and the Bing Crosby Theater. Furthermore, Spokane is known for its various parks and outside sporting exercises, including climbing, fishing, and skiing. 


Spokane has areas of strength for a framework, with a few trustworthy colleges and schools in the city. Gonzaga College is a confidential Jesuit college with a broadly perceived graduate school, while Eastern Washington College is a state funded college known for areas of strength for its in training and wellbeing sciences. 

Food and Beverage 

With everything from luxury dining to laid-back pubs, Spokane is home to a diverse range of cafés and bars. The city is known for its specialty lager scene, with a few neighborhood distilleries generating top grade blends. With a few vineyards located in and around the city, Spokane also has a thriving wine sector. 


A midtown streetcar, a bicycle sharing program, and a comprehensive public transit system are all present in Spokane. Also, the city is situated close to a number of important highways, like as I-90 and US-2, making it convenient to travel to many Northwest objections. 


Spokane is a city with a rich history and culture, reasonable cost for many everyday items, and various open doors for diversion and outside entertainment. In the event that you’re anticipating moving to Spokane, make certain to work with a believed Spokane moving organization like Olympic Moving and Storage to guarantee a smooth and tranquil migration. Our group of experienced Olympic movers will work with you to make a redid moving arrangement that meets your particular necessities and spending plan. Reach us today to look into our moving administrations and how we can assist you with moving to Spokane. 

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