Restoration Moving Services

Kitchen Moving BoxesThe Pacific Northwest’s unexpected storms can catch your home off-guard. Frozen pipes, electrical fires, fallen trees and flooding are just a few of the damages that can happen to your home when you least expect it.

Aside from the obvious damage (having to get your pipes fixed), secondary damages can occur to your household belongings (water damage to your furniture). The easiest way to prevent further damage to your belongings is to move them into temporary storage while the source of the problem is being fixed, and all clean-up is done.

Thankfully most insurance companies will cover the packing, storage, and unpacking of your goods with the help of a professional moving company!

Our Restoration Moving Services include: ­

  • Professional moving crews, experienced with fire and water damage
  • ­Packing of entire household goods
  • Storage in our secure warehouse
  • Unpacking of entire household goods
  • Ability to accommodate urgent requests
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