How to Tackle a Winter Reorganization Project in Your Home

There’s truly no better time than now to reorganize your home and prepare for when the weather eventually warms up again. After all, odds are you spend a lot more time at home cooped up during the winter – why not put this time to use? A great way to use your time and make your home an even better space for you and your family to live in is by taking on a fun and constructive winter reorganization or decluttering project.

When taking on a project like this, you’re of course looking to accomplish one of three things: clear your home out of unnecessary items, store and organize things you can still use but that aren’t in the best places right now, and prepare for when you’re out and about again once things are warmer. A winter reorganization project can let you accomplish all of the above! Not to mention, getting this out of the way during this season will make your possible spring cleaning projects a breeze.

So how do you take on a home reorganization project, and what’s the best strategy to take, especially if you plan to move in the near future or within the next year? We’ve got all the tips you need to make winter work for you.

How to Reorganize Your Home

First thing’s first when it comes to home organization and improvement projects like this: prioritize! If there’s a particularly glaring issue in your home, like an overflowing closet or a garage you can’t even fit your car into, start with these areas first.

Before you begin your reorganization project at all, you’ll want to first declutter these spaces, and especially your entire home on a gradual basis. It’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed by all of the clutter you might find in your home, whether you’re aware of it ahead of time or didn’t realize the extent to which items have built up over time. However, it’s all in your strategy and timeline to take a little on bit by bit so that your project is as stress-free and constructive as possible.

When it comes to winter cleaning projects, you should also have a plan for if you’ll want to possibly store items that you might not have room for in your home, or ones that you’d like to declutter but want to hold on to, or want to keep around in case these items fit better in a home you plan to move to in the future. That’s where Olympic Moving & Storage comes in. We’re not only the best moving and storage company in Olympia, but we allow you to have the flexibility you need when it comes to storage in Olympia. Whether you’re looking to store your items for a few weeks, months, or years, we’ll work with you to best accommodate your needs.

How to Declutter Your Home

Now that you’ve come up with a game plan as to what areas of your home you’ll clean out and reorganize first, as well as where you’ll store larger items that you don’t have room for anymore, now it’s time to actually get on with the decluttering process.

It’s no secret that any cleaning project can be challenging to get started on, but keeping your home clean, balanced, and organized will be more than worth it once you get into the swing of things.

Begin the decluttering process by getting rid of items that there’s no question regarding their lack of use or need. We’re talking about items you haven’t used (or even seen) in years, or ones that you’ve never liked but kept anyway for whatever reason. Get rid of them! Take things room by room, in order from either most urgent to least urgent, or you can just go around your home as you see fit. Regardless, always head into the decluttering process with a game plan.

Create an area for each category regarding items you’re decluttering: sell, donate, give away, or throw out. For clothing or small items, these categories could just be boxes, but for larger ones, you might want to designate specific areas. Don’t forget to keep things organized even amongst these categories so that they’re easy to sift through and bring to their buyer, or donation center, or are easy to throw away.

Additionally, set aside items that you want access to, but don’t have room for in your home. Items like these might include old children’s play sets that aren’t used, clothes, excess furniture, or other bulky items. These items are prime candidates for storage with Olympic Moving & Storage. Having them in storage with a trusted company will let them continue to be safe and sound, while also getting them out of your space and allowing you to get organized.

Organize Seasonal Items

Another great way to clear out or declutter your home is by storing seasonal items. Having a storage unit with Olympic Moving & Storage will allow you to store nearly any seasonal items, from clothing to snowmobiles or even just sleds – for temporary periods so that you can get them out of your hair once winter ends.

This of course applies to those seasonal summer items currently clogging up your snowy home. Getting these items out of your space and your home a little less cluttered will make a huge difference, all while allowing you to retain access to them when it’s time to break them back out for the new season.

Having the option of seasonal storage in Olympia is ideal for those looking for decluttering or reorganizing options for their home. With these items cleared out, who knows what the possibilities could be as to how to reinvent and repurpose your home space – or just how much more comfortable you’ll make your space now that it’s free from unnecessary items.

Looking for the right moving and storage company in Olympia? See what Olympic Moving & Storage can do to help out with your winter reorganization process today.

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