How to Go About Choosing the Right Moving Company

It’s no secret — preparing for a move can be exhausting. Although the prospect of relocating to a new home is exciting, there are many aspects of the task as a whole that can feel extremely daunting, especially as you work within a limited amount of time to get everything done. One of the best ways to take some of the pressure off of yourself and simplify the move for yourself is to hire a moving and storage company in Olympia to help you with your relocation. However, all moving companies are not created equally, and when you’re in need of assistance for your move, you want to be sure you’ve hired a reliable, trustworthy team of movers to take your belongings from point A to point B. But with so many moving companies on the market, how can you tell which ones are reputable? What are the signs that a company offers quality services, and what are the warnings that show when to avoid a company? These questions are major factors in the outcome of your move. Interested in figuring out the proper steps to choose the right moving company? Discover our five tips below!

  1. Ask around
  2. The best way to find moving companies to consider is to seek insights from people you trust. Family, friends, neighbors — these people are bound to have recommendations when it comes to local movers. Crowdsourcing opinions from those who you already know and trust can be extremely helpful and illuminating during this process. Not only can these individuals let you know about companies that provided excellent service during their moves, they can also alert you about any companies to avoid. Hearing these experiences is one of the most effective ways to gain insights as you start deciding which movers you will ultimately reach out to for more information.

  3. Do your research
  4. Once you’ve found a few different options to explore, now is the time to begin your research. Finding more information regarding the movers you want to hire is extremely important, as this allows you to make sure they have the proper credentials and to discover positive or negative reviews about their services. One great way to do this is to start simple — search the name of the company, and dive into online reviews across various platforms to see what the general consensus is. Although there are bound to be outlier reviews that don’t fit in with most opinions of a company, you can get a good idea of the most common experiences by reading through customer reviews.

    Another crucial aspect of researching these companies is making sure that they have the correct accreditation. There are various different types of certifications that a moving company should have. For instance, if a company works interstate, they should be licensed through the U.S. Department of Transportation. Additionally, movers should be accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Ensuring a company has all the proper certificates in place is a great way of covering your bases prior to working with movers in Olympia WA.

  5. Request quotes
  6. After figuring out which options are worthwhile contenders, it’s time to request quotes. You will want to have a fair share of options to choose from, so reaching out to three or four different movers is ideal. When you contact each moving company, you should receive an in-home estimate from them. This allows the movers to give you an accurate estimation of what your moving costs will look like based on the size of your home, the amount of items (including larger pieces such as furniture) you have, the ease of access to your home, and other pertinent factors. This quote should also be given to you in writing so there are no discrepancies when it’s time to sign your contract and pay your movers.

    However, as you receive your quotes, you may be tempted to opt for the company with the cheapest rate. After all, you want affordability, right? Although this may seem like the most logical option, it’s important to be aware of a suspiciously low rate. Oftentimes, a company that offers extremely low prices is waving a big red flag right in front of you, and you may not even realize it. On the flipside, another issue is when a company wants you to make a deposit of more than 20% of your estimated cost up front. This can be another warning sign that the company isn’t as great as you may think. As you compare rates, go with a price that seems affordable but fair.

  7. Be aware of warning signs
  8. As previously mentioned, there are various red flags that can pop up in your search for the right moving company. In the previous section, we addressed how many of these red flags involve the price, which is a great way of discerning if a moving company is trying to scam you. Aside from the aforementioned signs to look out for, there are some other warning signs that could end up causing problems during your move. Some of them include:

    • Tacking on extra fees: Be sure to ask ahead of time about any fees you could potentially incur to avoid problems when it’s time to pay.
    • Giving a “guaranteed” estimate: Although movers are able to provide you with quotes, the company cannot technically deem it as “guaranteed.” When a company does this, it is typically a bad sign.
    • Providing blank documents to sign: This may sound obvious, but signing a blank document is never a good idea. Make sure everything you’ve agreed upon is in writing.
    • Numerous name changes: If a company has had other names prior to their current one, it can sometimes signal that they are trying to avoid a bad reputation with the Better Business Bureau.
  9. Assess your options
  10. Now that you have all the information you need regarding the reliability of the company, the pricing, and any other relevant items, you are now able to confidently assess your options moving forward. With the right know-how, you’re able to easily identify which companies aren’t up to the best standards and which companies actually provide dependable services to their customers. Having the knowledge discussed above can empower you to know exactly what to look out for when it comes to hiring movers. Using these factors to determine which company is the best fit for you allows you to make the best choice possible.

Ready for your move?

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