Complete Guide to Moving to Tacoma, WA

It’s no secret that though it’s still by far the most popular city to live in Washington, Seattle is quickly becoming too expensive for many to comfortably live in – especially given the current rates of inflation in the United States. For many currently living in the city, or for those looking to move to Washington state, this leaves them looking for similarly great cities that offer a more affordable and comfortable lifestyle.

For those who already have this city on their radar and for those looking for an alternative to Seattle’s expensive pricing, they’ve been able to unearth an underrated gem in Tacoma, Washington. Though a very popular city in its own right, Tacoma is quickly becoming more popular as people look for alternatives to Seattle, and for those looking for a city that fosters creative and artistic types.

So what does Tacoma bring to the table that really sets it apart from the rest of the cities in the state, and even in the country? If you’re looking for a great city to settle down in, we’ve outlined all of the highlights of living in Tacoma that you might find interesting to know before you move to this great city.

Why Move to Tacoma?

As we mentioned before, Tacoma is steadily growing due to those who have discovered its eclectic charm, and by those who have been looking for great alternatives to Seattle’s high housing and cost of living prices. So what does Tacoma have to offer? Olympic Moving & Storage is here to help you find the right place for you by outlining all of the pros and cons of living in Tacoma.

Benefits of Living in Tacoma

There are a lot of benefits to moving to Tacoma, WA. Tacoma is located around 45 minutes from Seattle, which makes it a great, affordable alternative to the city while remaining within a doable commuting distance for those whose jobs might still be located in the other city.

More affordable than Seattle and less congested, Tacoma showcases beautiful mountain views and many affordable or competitively priced homes. The cost of living in Tacoma is much, much lower than in Seattle, while still offering a great location and access to amazing food and activities.

The average home price in Tacoma is a little over $200,000 and also has a lower cost of living than Washington state on average – though a little higher than the national average as a whole.


Another big perk of living in Tacoma is its amazing educational opportunities. Tacoma has very highly rated schools and has many opportunities for higher education. Serving as the base to the University of Puget Sound, the University of Washington Tacoma, and more, this area has many opportunities to learn and grow.

Job Market

Tacoma is home to a booming job market, especially for those in the healthcare, social assistance, and education industries and spheres of expertise. It’s also home to many specialized jobs in the arts, entertainment, recreation, public administration, and transportation industries. Though Tacoma has many job opportunities, you can find even more high-paying opportunities in the tech industry a short commute away in Seattle if that’s where your specialty lies.

Cons of Living in Tacoma

There’s no doubt that there are a lot of benefits to living in Tacoma, but as is the case with any area, there’s no perfect place for everyone. That’s why you’re doing your research, after all!

Tacoma Weather

Though this can be a big perk for many, Tacoma features a mild climate, but with a lot of rainfall. Tacoma’s average temperatures rarely go below freezing nor above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. However, as is much of Washington, Tacoma is no exception to the very rainy climate of the Pacific Northwest, so get ready to get used to a lot of rain in the event of your relocation.

Higher Crime Rate

Though it’s not a particularly unsafe area, a drawback of living in Tacoma is its higher-than-average crime rate. Though lower than many parts of the country, this city’s average crime rate is higher than that of the average in Washington state.


This might seem like an inconsequential detail to many, especially those moving from Seattle, but Tacoma does often have pretty intense rush-hour traffic. It might be a lot to get used to for those who have been living in more suburban areas, but it’s overall probably not a big deal for those used to city living.

Now that you know a bit more about Tacoma and what it has to offer, it’s time to make the decision for yourself as to whether it’s the right place for you and your family. Looking to make a move to Tacoma? Use the best Tacoma moving company for your relocation. The best Tacoma movers are Olympic Moving & Storage. With the best customer service and best prices, we’ll provide you with the best Tacoma moving experience from start to finish.

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