A Guide: Self Packing Tips

12 Tips for Self-packing for a Professional Move One of the most effective ways to help keep the cost of a move in control is to do your own packing of boxes. Self-packing, if done correctly, can reduce your move costs by as much as 40%. But, as with all money saving ideas, it comes … Read more

Ultimate Moving Checklist

There is a lot to do when it comes to moving. That’s why we have created this complete moving checklist for you to use when preparing for your upcoming relocation. Read it over, print it out, and get started. You have some work to do. Remember, if you need any help, have any questions, or … Read more

Ultimate Garage Sale Guide

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO MAKING A TON OF MONEY WITH YOUR NEXT MOVING SALE, YARD SALE, GARAGE SALE, OR ESTATE SALE! MOVING SALE: ULTIMATE GUIDE INDEX Planning and Prepping Step 1: Take Inventory of Your HouseStep 2: How to Price Your Moving Sale ItemsStep 3: How to Choose the Perfect Date for a Moving Sale Promoting and SellingStep 4: How to Promote … Read more

Moving Boxes: The Ultimate Guide

Movers in Olympia

Moving day is on the horizon. You have spent the last 5 years stuffing your 2 bedroom apartment with everything that your paycheck would allow. And a few things that your credit card insisted on. Now it’s time to take inventory of the madness and, ideally, begin an organized approach to condensing your possessions for relocation. You … Read more