3 Ways Covid-19 Will Affect Your Moving PlansSuccessfully

3 Ways Covid-19 Will Affect Your Moving Plans

Author: Chrissy Peters

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The Covid-19 pandemic has upended the housing market. Thanks to record-low mortgage rates and additional support by the federal government, the housing market has thrived. Even without the uncertainties and regulations surrounding Covid-19, moving homes can be tricky, time-consuming, and difficult. From finding a perfect new place to call home to booking a moving company and packing up your clothing, furniture and belongings for the move, the process can puzzle many homeowners. Toss in the added stresses of moving during a pandemic, and it is not uncommon to find yourself with more questions than answers. If you happen to be one of those families having to navigate moving during this time, here’s how Covid-19 may affect your plans and how to get around it.

Allow Extra Time For Paperwork, Viewings, And Moving Logistics

One of the most notable impacts on the moving process during the pandemic has been the extended timeline of the move. Due to social distancing guidelines and efforts to minimize contamination, most of the house-hunting process is being done virtually. The entire process, starting from the home viewing to mortgage applications and the documentation process, is all done via the internet. While many new homeowners or potential homeowners may have been able to get an answer right away with face to face meetings, you may need to wait a few days right now. Also, in a bid to protect employees and help their business persevere through the pandemic, many moving companies have moved to cut their staff budgets or move employees to shift working. So, while a full moving team may have previously been four people strong, don’t be alarmed if only two moving professionals are assigned.
Also, traditionally you would enlist the help of friends, family, and large moving crews to get the job done as fast as possible. However, now this is not recommended. Therefore, your moving help pool may shrink. Moving companies may also ask that you limit the number of family members their employees come into contact with. Therefore, when planning and organizing your move, it is helpful to leave extra time for these added roadblocks.

You May Want To Do The Unpacking Yourself

If you hire full-service movers, they will normally unpack for you at your new home. However, in a bid to limit contamination and contact, many moving companies have stopped offering the services. Even if they do still offer to unpack, it may be in your best interest to unpack yourself. Once your clothing and belongings are properly packed and wrapped, contact with them is limited. To err on the side of caution, you may also want to disinfect the surfaces of your home and furniture once you are unpacked.
From a research letter published in the New England Journal Of Medicine, you can assume the virus lives on cardboard and clothing for at least 24 hours. Recommendations from the Center for Disease Control state that you should wear gloves and launder any clothing that may have been exposed to the virus. If they have been properly sealed during the move, you can unpack yourself. Some experts also recommend steaming your clothing to get rid of germs. While the bacteria causing the virus is different, there is still a hot debate about whether steaming does sanitize your clothing from Covid-19 bacteria.

Be Prepared To Ask And Be Asked The Standard Covid-19 Questions

During such uncertain times, health and safety have taken a front seat for both movers and moving companies. Therefore, you should be prepared to ask any moving company you enlist about their Covid-19 protocols and regulations. For instance, you may want to ask whether moving professionals will be wearing gloves, masks, and general protective gear. Also, you should enquire about employee screening protocols for signs of illnesses. Many companies have also begun to display this information on their Frequently Asked Questions webpage on their website in the interest of transparency.
You shouldn’t be alarmed if they ask you the same questions or require you to stay at least two meters apart from the movers either. During these times, the logistics industry has had to amp up its measures to protect employees (and their businesses) from the impact of Covid-19. So, if you plan on renting a moving truck or van yourself, the entire booking and return process will most likely be done virtually or over the phone. Companies may also charge a sanitization fee between each rental to ensure they can assure customer safety.
However, if you plan with plenty of time and leave space for the current adjustments, there is no reason why your move shouldn’t be successful. If you are in doubt, feel free to ask the moving companies you are considering any questions. With such uncertainty and worry in the air right now, most of them will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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