Staying Fit During a Move

staying fit during a move

Relocating Gym Equipment And Staying Fit During A Move

Moving to a new home is an excellent opportunity to jumpstart your fitness routine and get into shape. It’s tempting to neglect your physical health during a big move, as there’s a lot of new responsibilities on your plate. But staying fit during a move is essential to maintaining good health and a strong workout routine in your new space. Likewise, it’s equally important to move and unpack your home gym carefully, as these forms of specialized equipment can incur damage without proper care. Obtaining the right form of professional help for your moving experience can help protect your gym equipment during the transition.

Exercises to prep for moving

One good way to incorporate your moving day into your workout routine is to practice lifting exercises that will prepare you for lifting large objects to your new home. As any professional mover will tell you, lifting with your legs (and not your back!) is essential to keep your back from giving out.  Traditional workouts like squats, lunges, and deadlifts will tone your thigh and gluteal muscles to prepare for lifting from the leg.

Staying fit during the move

During the days of your actual move, go for a brisk walk before tackling the giant “to do” list ahead of you to leave you feeling refreshed. Studies find that short, 10-15 minute bursts of exercise are even more effective than 30-minute workout intervals for improving endurance, so it may be a good idea to intersperse some “workout breaks” throughout your day. Another important aspect is to be sure to stretch your muscles before lifting heavy objects to avoid muscle overuse during your move.

Moving home gym equipment

The first step to moving a home gym is sanitizing all equipment to avoid carrying over bacteria into your new space. Small weights, such as dumbbells and workout balls, can be secured in cardboard boxes: remember that with heavy equipment, it’s better to pack smaller boxes than massive ones. To move larger equipment, such as a treadmill or elliptical, dismantle the treadmill (if it can be folded up) and lift the machine onto a dolley to store in your truck. Remember to properly secure your weights and workout equipment with cords and fasteners so that there aren’t any accidents in the moving van before you unpack.

Don’t neglect your fitness when working out and treat your gym equipment with the TLC it deserves. Staying fit while you transition to a new home will make it easier to develop a concise workout routine as you adjust to a new environment.

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