Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment Moving Services

Furniture Fixture and Equipment Moving
Managing furniture, fixture, and equipment projects is about much more than trucks and storage vaults. It’s about precision and attention to the intricacies that make each project unique. That is where Olympic Moving & Storage comes in.

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We are the Pacific Northwest’s premier moving company because we specialize in relocating furniture, fixtures, appliances, and equipment of all shapes and sizes. We move everything from pianos, hutches, desktops, sectionals, paintings, ceiling fans, lamps, antiques, trade show displays, gym equipment, commercial ranges, industrial equipment, museums, rec. rooms, classrooms, and we also have several large warehouses to store your goods until you need them.

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Regardless of the size of the project, the constant management of the budget, schedule, and communications are key elements of success. We believe that during the progression of a project each of these elements must be constantly reviewed and maintained to achieve our client’s goals and objectives.

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment Moving Services: ­

All of Olympic’s warehouse facilities are approved by the Department of Defense, climate controlled, strictly monitored, clean and secure.


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