How Can You Safely Move Your Smart Home?


How Can You Safely Move Your Smart Home?

Smart technology is taking over every aspect of our lives, with IoT set to apply to almost every object in the house. Even the healthcare industry, which isn’t commonly associated with smart technology, will have an 87% adoption rate of the Internet of Things by 2019. Houses are the ideal place for built-in tech, designed to control everything from the lights and kettle to the bath and even the front door. Soon all these things will be controlled with a smartphone. However, once this tech is installed, it can’t easily be packed up and transported to a new place. Read on for some practical advice for moving house when you live in a smart home.

Empty All the Portable Tech

The easiest things to transport are small and portable, so get these packed first. That way, you can concentrate all your time and effort on the bigger stuff later. Items such as the Amazon Echo can be easily packed into a bag or suitcase. These are your expensive personal items and getting these out the way first will make your move easier,

Consider Leaving Built-In Features Behind

With bigger items, you have some tough decisions to make. Perhaps the easiest option is to simply leave them behind. For instance, if you have a home smart lighting system, then dismantling and reinstalling this could be more effort than it’s worth. The good news is that keeping this technology installed could actually boost the value of your home, so you are more likely to make a sale and won’t lose money by leaving it behind. However, it may also be the case that new owners would prefer a blank canvas and may find your discarded gadgets annoying and cluttering.

Remove Locks, Switches and Cameras If Possible

The best option, therefore, is to remove what you can. Even those items built into the structure of your home should ideally be brought with you. Smart locks on doors, security cameras and smart-enabled light switches can all be removed. Be sure to plan ahead and factor in the extra time required to move these things. Ensure that the removal company has an understanding of electronics so that they can remove the technology without causing any damage. If you purchased these items, then it makes sense to take the time and energy to transport them to your new home.

Smart technology is increasingly common, but transporting it to a new home can cause difficulties. Think ahead about which items can and cannot be removed. Taking extra care over these items can have your new home setup and connected more quickly, so that you can enjoy the benefits immediately. Just make sure to choose a removal company with technological understanding, who you trust to take good care of your gadgets during the moving process.

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