Preparing Big-Ticket Items For Moving Day

preparing big ticket items for moving day

Moving into a new home can be a challenging endeavor. But just because you’re exhausted doesn’t mean you can slack on the safety of important packed items, like big beds, TVs or appliances. For big-ticket items, remember to use extra wrapping when you can, and disassemble the items properly, packing small pieces in a box for safety if you can. Finally, break things down as much as you can, to limit the number of large items you’ll end up having to carry.

Keep The Box

One of the most echoed tips heard from families that move a lot is to keep the packaging for big-ticket items. Having the original box or package means having an appropriately sized container for your large beds or appliances. Often you want to add some extra padding to the container though, such as packaging peanuts, because items wiggle around more during moving than when you first purchased them from a store.

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Separate And Organize The Pieces

Beds, in particular, can be a difficult item to pack for. You should separate the frame from the mattress, and consider them two separate items. Disassembling the frame allows you to put the wood and screws in a box, and wrap the headboard and larger pieces with a blanket or cloth to avoid scratching. The mattress should get a box of its own if it came with one, but in a pinch remember to use blankets and wrapping to protect your mattress.

Tape It Together

Finally, whether you’re reusing a box or wrapping an item in cloth, chances are you’re going to need to tape it. Tape can hold the opened end of the box shut which prevents sliding or the loss of packing material like bubble wrap. If an item is wrapped up in cloth, it’s also a better choice than putting holes into the cloth with needles or other wrappings, so tape it up tightly if you value your big-ticket items.

Be Safe and Smart

Moving any item requires preparation, but big-ticket items can be costly to prepare for the move, and even more expensive if they are damaged along the way. Always consider extra padding for delicate items like TV screens. For beds, disassemble the parts and put the smaller pieces together in a separate box. And wrap anything that remains loose like a mattress or the headboard with cloth and tape to prevent scratches and to dirty the items while moving.

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