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long-haul move

11.2 percent of Americans chose to move between 2015 and 2016, according to statistics from the 2016 Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement. A long-haul move is typically made due to employment changes. Shorter-distance moves are often made for reasons which are housing-related. If you’re planning a long-haul move, our tips will help you to prepare effectively. When you take care of the details in advance, you will reduce moving stress.

Consider Your Schedule

Did you know that a lot of long-distance moving companies take many households’ worth of belongings in each moving truck? This means that setting accurate dates for pickup and delivery can be tough. If one load is delayed, it may impact the others. According to the Seattle Times website, you should think carefully about your schedule before booking a moving company.

If your schedule is tight, you should find a company which provides guaranteed pickup and delivery times. With this type of guarantee, you’ll be reimbursed (for the price of your living expenses) if a mover doesn’t pick up or deliver on time. Bear in mind that these guarantees usually cost a little extra money. For many people, they are well worth it.

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Consider Renting an RV

If you need to move a family, as well as your belongings, you should strongly consider renting an RV. Camper vans are ideal choices for bigger families and bigger distances. When you opt for a recreational vehicle, you may pack up enough essentials for the duration of the trip and then start your journey to Point B. You’ll have the option of slowing down during your trip and seeing the sights.

An RV is a practical way to move a group from place to place. Also, an RV will ensure that you and your family will be very comfortable. Kids will have room to play, rather than feeling trapped in a car or minivan. Plus, you won’t need to pay for hotel accommodation during your trip. According to CNN, recreational vehicles are increasingly-popular these days because mobile Web services are better. People may travel in RVs without losing Internet connectivity which contributes to a pleasant journey.

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Label Your Boxes Properly

It’s vital to label boxes correctly before they are loaded onto a moving van or RV. Proper labeling will lead to a smoother move-in at your destination. Using a color coding system will be smart. Select one color for one “destination room” and then stick with that color for that room. Blue tape might be used to indicate that box contents belong in the destination bedroom. Another option is using colored tape. When you use the color coding system, you won’t need to spend a ton of time labeling each box.

Plan Your Long-distance Move Today

Now that you know simple and sensible ways to make a long-distance move efficient and pleasant, why not start planning your move today? Moving companies offer different tiers of service, so you’ll be able to get as little or as much moving support as you need. Whether you want to pack your stuff yourself or prefer to let moving experts handle the task, you’ll find that you have tons of practical options.

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