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What To Focus On When Packing Musical Equipment

Many things get shuffled around when moving from one house to another, but your musical instruments should not be one of them. Instruments and equipment are delicate, with even small damage causing a change in their quality. By packing them correctly, using a knowledgeable team of movers, and making preparations for the most delicate pieces you can make moving your musical instruments as painless as possible.

Communication Is Key

Your large musical equipment requires preparation before you can move it. If you’re considering moving a stool, piano or other large item, make sure to contact whoever will be moving it ahead of time. If you’re using a moving company, they’ll have time to prepare tools to make lifting and transferring it easier. Plus, additional padding is necessary to keep large equipment safe.

Set Extra Packing Time Aside

For string instruments, adjusting the strings yourself will help you to pack them for the journey. If you loosen the strings and then carefully wrap the instrument in bubble wrap, it will avoid extra tension harming the strings during the travel. Avoid putting them underneath other packages while moving if possible, and mention them ahead of time to your movers.

Because the body is more important to brass instruments than string instruments, when packing them it is vital to carefully cover them in bubble wrap. Scratches or divots can cause permanent harm to the function of the equipment, so insulating any brass instruments is imperative. Don’t forget to remove the mouthpiece either, and pack it somewhere safe so you don’t lose it.

Drums and percussion instruments are harder to damage under normal circumstances, but they still have several weaknesses. When moving make sure to cover any exposed surfaces on drums or other instruments not meant to be manhandled. Percussion instruments are more durable than you think, but advise your helpers about any particularly delicate equipment.

When In Doubt

If you fear the worst could happen, suggest sending any musical instruments ahead of other packages. If you are going to make more than one trip, or if you will be arriving ahead of any movers with the rest of your possessions, consider making musical equipment a priority. Even small changes can damage musical equipment, and we recommend not leaving it up to chance.

Keep these tips in mind to make moving from your old home to a new one easier. When you own musical equipment, it can make the trip more daunting, but proper preparation can negate many of the factors that lead to accidental damage to instruments. If you plan to move, remember to notify your movers ahead of time and use padding to minimize any risks that may follow.

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