Moving With Pets: Part 1 of 3

Moving With Pets: Part 1 of 3

Author: Ashley Lipman

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Over 35 million Americans move each year. Regardless of the reasons for your move, planning out this process in detail is imperative. Without an adequate plan, you will struggle to avoid mistakes during your move. If you have a pet, then making sure they are well taken care of during the move is important. Traveling during a move and getting settled into a new house can be difficult for your pet.
This is why you need to focus on making this move easy on your pet. Accomplishing this goal will be easy if you follow the great tips below.

Get a Kit Ready For the Trip

If you are moving are away from your current home, driving to this new location can be a bit stressful. The stress you encounter will be increased if you fail to get a kit ready for your pet. This kit should include essential items like food, treats, water and some towels. If you are traveling with a cat, you may want to invest in a travel litter box.
Ideally, you want to travel with your pet’s vet paperwork. By doing this, you should have no problem getting them the care they need should they fall ill during the trip. Waiting until the last minute to pack this kit will usually result in a number of mistakes being made. Making a checklist is a great way to keep this process organized.

Keep Your Pet Entertained in the New Home

Some pet owners focus so much on preparing for the trip to their new home that they forget about what will happen once they arrive at their new residence. If your pet does not have things to keep them occupied, they are bound to get in trouble. If you are going to be away for a while, you need to invest in a pet cam that can dispense treats.
These modern devices are both very affordable and beneficial. With the addition of one of these cameras, you can keep a close eye on your pets. If you want more information on these devices, check out this amazing article about pet cam that dispenses treats.

Schedule a Vet Visit Before Hitting the Road

As a pet owner, your main goal needs to be keeping your animal happy and healthy. The best way to accomplish this goal is by working with an experienced vet. Before you hit the road and venture to your new home, you need to get your pet checked out. With a vet visit, you can find out about your pet’s health problems before putting them in the car for a long trip.
During these visits, you need to ask your vet for some advice on how to keep your pet calm while they are traveling. In some cases, a vet will be able to prescribe you something that can keep your pet’s nerves calm.

Keeping Your Pet Safe

The time and energy you invest in getting your pet ready for a move will be worth it. With proper planning, you can get through this process with ease.

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