Moving With Pets: Tips for Finding a Pet-Friendly Apartment

Moving With Pets: Tips for Finding a Pet-Friendly Apartment

Author: Ashley Lipman

Have a fur baby but need to move? We understand how important your pet is and leaving them behind isn’t an option. Trying to find an apartment that accepts pets can be tricky, but we hope these helpful tips will make the process easier for you.

Take Advantage of Online Resources

Nowadays there are tons of online websites that are built to assist movers with finding their new place to live. Whether it be an apartment or house, rent or own, even number of rooms or bathrooms are all parts of the search you can fix or adjust to help you find the perfect match. Instead of doing a basic search you can put certain filters on your search to get through the fluff of what you’re not interested in.
One of these filters can be pet friendly. This is a common need when looking for an apartment but can be hard to come by. Putting this filter on when using the available search engines, it’ll help you find apartments that are pet friendly. This saves you a ton of time. You won’t have to go through each apartment’s details one by one. You’d get all of the pet friendly apartments in one load and you can find your best apartment match from there. This is probably the easiest and fastest way to find pet friendly apartments in whatever area you’re looking into.

Location Matters

When finding a pet friendly apartment, you may want to consider location. Some areas might be more accepting to animals compared to others. Dallas apartments versus Pittsburgh apartments are different and would have different regulations they’d have. Some may be more lenient than others.

Look for Private Landlords

Another important step is looking for private landlords. Individual people are more likely to “give in” or be more understanding when it comes to pets. Pets are a huge part of someone’s (or a family’s) life and a private landlord (or individual person) is more likely to understand that and be more open to allowing pets (even if they previously stated pets weren’t allowed).

With a large apartment group, or leasing office, there are more “set in stone” guidelines and rules that are in place which make it much harder to convince them to allow a pet. Even if it was something you could possibly fight for, there’s going to be multiple people you’d have to go through or even lots of paperwork you’d have to complete to get approved.

Money Talks

Money can be convincing in certain situations. When it comes to needing a pet friendly apartment money could play a big role in helping to accomplish that. Like mentioned above, a private landlord would be easier to convince. Typically, if a large apartment group allows pets they would already require additional payment. They’d typically require a separate pet deposit. This wouldn’t be the same as your regular down deposit. This would be intended to cover the damages only caused by your pet(s) and wouldn’t be refundable. They might also require an additional month payment per animal. The amount would most likely depend on the size, type, and number of animals.

If you find a private landlord who’s leaning towards allowing you to have animals, then agreeing to pay a pet down deposit could help convince them further. It’s showing them that you understand the risk and the damages of having a pet in the rental apartment. however, you’re prepared to pay and take responsibility for those damages. You could also offer to pay for the animal(s) monthly. This would show your commitment and be a promising start with the landlord.

Pets are a huge part of someone’s life. Many people consider their pets family. Considering this, you would think more places would be accepting of pets in apartments, however this isn’t the case. We hope that with these tips mentioned above that you’ll be able to find the perfect place sooner than later. Using online resources, finding the right location, finding a private landlord, and even offering a deposit for your animal are all things that will help you find a pet friendly apartment.

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