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Tips For Keeping On Top Of Your House Move Admin 

With one in seven Americans changing their address every year, it’s essential that those millions inform everyone about their new place of residence. Moving house can be easy and straightforward if you employ a responsible and effective moving service. While some find moving house to be difficult, regardless of how many times they go through it, a good moving service can remove this strain. Ultimately though, getting down to the nitty gritty of admin tasks is going to be your responsibility. Here are some top tips to help you get set up in your new abode.

Let UPS Take The Strain

It is important when moving house to let as many of your friends and business associates know about your change of address. Don’t forget to also contact any companies you receive regular mail, deliveries or subscription boxes from. Even the most organized of families will forget someone so it is just as well that UPS runs a mail forwarding service that costs just a dollar to enroll on. Once you’ve set it up you can choose to extend it every six months as necessary. It is good to think of this service as a safety net for you. After a few months you will have a good idea of those contacts you’ve missed and you can make a decision on whether or not to let them know how to keep in touch.

Making A Move Can Be Time To Make A Change

Many of the larger utility companies have departments dedicated to making moves as smooth as possible but that doesn’t mean that you should just leave it to them. A move of home is an opportunity to have a look at your life and make any necessary changes. One of the most obvious of these changes is your electricity, telephone, cable TV and broadband providers. Use price comparison sites to guide you to the best deals for the areas you’ll be moving to. Check with any Homeowner Associations in your new neighborhood, it could be that some deals have been organized for your area.

Shifting Utilities When Moving

When you’ve made your decision on what companies you will be going with you need to get the next few steps absolutely right. Let the old and new companies know about the moving date at least two weeks in advance, ideally 2 months beforehand. Look at getting an overlap at both properties – have your electric and HVAC end a few days after you move out and start a few days before you move in. This will allow your new house to be comfortable to move into, and it will allow you to check that the power etc is working. Similarly by keeping the power on at your old home you will be able to return should you need to collect anything forgotten. Most important of all is to remember to get a final meter reading (and take a picture of it) before you leave the property and do the same with an initial reading at the new home.

Water And Sewage Connections

Most water and sewage connections are done at a city or district level. Do a little research online well in advance of moving to ensure that you contact the correct people before you leave or move in. Ask your new neighbors if there is anything you need to know in advance about either of these services.

Moving house is a strain because of uncertainty. By planning ahead and setting up safety nets like mail forwarding and overlaps on power connections, you will remove a huge amount of that stress from yourself. Use a good moving company and they will take away the rest of the strain. All you need to worry about is making friends in your new home.

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