Surviving Moving Home with a New Baby

moving home with a new baby

Making Moving Home with a New Baby a Breeze

Around 14% of Americans move house every year and if you have just had a baby, you could be one of them! Expanding the family means that often, our home just isn’t big enough, though when a new baby arrives, we can also wish we had moved earlier, since adjusting to life as new parents can be work enough! Moving services will help ease the physical work, whether you are moving locally or interstate, or even abroad. Parents of a new baby are sometimes sleep-deprived, which means that difficult work such as lifting and moving items is best left to a seasoned team of professionals. Of course, physically moving items to your new home is only one step of the process; how else can you ensure your move is as seamless and stress-free as possible?

Establishing a Routine

Newborns usually feed every three hours or so (or as demanded) and while this means getting up frequently, it can still definitely fit into a routine. Depending on your baby’s age, they could have various naps during the day, and, especially in their first few months of life, their nap schedule will be quite predictable. To get as much done during these rest periods, make a schedule including the days and times you have to pack. Try to get a specific number of jobs completed every day; for instance, Day One could simply involve packing away all summer clothing (if it is winter) and vice-versa. Don’t cram too many tasks in one day to enjoy a sense of accomplishment rather than disappointment.

Chronological Moving

When making your packing list, pack the items you don’t need first. Crucial, everyday items you are currently using with your baby – such as baby clothing, swinging baby chairs, and supportive pillows for mom and baby – should be packed on the day of the move itself. Babies can become very dependent on items like their favorite soft toys or swinging chairs. Since packing takes place over several days, you don’t want to misplace a treasured item that could result in crying and sulking. If you must pack any items your baby uses prior to the big day, carefully label everything using large stickers placed on the front of the box.

Entrusting Your Baby to Others during the Move

Babies tend to be very close to their parents when they are newborns, but in the midst of a move, that is definitely not ideal. If you have to lift packages, climb ladders and the like, a baby should be nowhere near. If you have a full day planned which includes various hours of straight work, seeking the help of a family member or recommended, qualified child sitter will enable you to breathe easy, knowing that your child is nowhere near boxes, furniture, lighting, and other items that need moving from one side of the home to another.

Moving home is always stressful, but when a newborn is involved, the stress of adapting to new routines can make it a little more difficult. Now is definitely not a time to take on more than you can handle. Leave heavy moving to the team at Olympic Movers and concentrate on packing in an organized, scheduled fashion. Because moving house is such a big life change, don’t be shy to rely on loved ones and professionals when you need to; after all, your baby’s welfare and safety are the first priority before you commence life in your beautiful new home.

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