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How to Pack Your Clothes When You’re Moving

Author: Chrissy Peters

58% of Americans say that moving is more stressful than wedding planning. For many people, the uncertainty and upheaval of moving cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. The lack of order implies that something as easy as finding your clothes becomes a problem. With more than 35 million Americans relocating each year, knowing how to pack your clothes properly can ensure that they are not damaged in transit and ready to use once they reach their intended destination giving you peace of mind.

Rationalizing and Decluttering Your Closet

Relocation is an opportune moment to check what you have and get an overview of your wardrobe. If there are too many clothes that are not being worn because they are out of fashion, you might want to rethink your shopping habits. The aim is to look good without spending a fortune. Hence, the next time you are replenishing your wardrobe, choose pieces that are easy to match and dress up or down. Stay chic and elegant without paying a hefty price choosing quality and timeless clothes at reasonable prices.
Take this opportunity as well to declutter your closet and keep only those that you need. Before packing any apparel, make sure that those you intend to pack are clean and dry. Bringing dirty garments can damage your wardrobe especially if they are going to stay in boxes for some time attracting mold and mildew.

Separate and Classify Clothing

If you have a large collection of clothes, think of grouping them into delicate and non-delicate items. For example, a fine gown with rhinestones and laces must be placed in a box of its own protected by paper. Dinner suits and tuxedos must be in hangers to avoid crinkles. It’s also a great idea to sort garments according to season so it is easy for you to fish them out when you need them. Clothing that you are not going to wear any time soon should be packed first. Label the boxes they are in so you know that you don’t have to unpack them immediately. If you’re anticipating longer storage time, ensure that the garments are protected from moisture and pests.
Clothes in hangers should be left as they are. Pack them in wardrobe boxes where they remain in a vertical position wrapping each piece in plastic. For other garments, fold them neatly in piles while small items like socks, stockings, underwear, and accessories must be put in a plastic bag so that it is easy to find them.

Pack a Starter Clothes Box

Once you have packed all your wardrobe, don’t forget to prepare a starter clothing kit. The set should include clothes that will last you at least a week before your things arrive. If you’re moving to another country, you might still have to wait awhile before your personal belongings arrive, so it even makes more sense to put something together. Your box or suitcase should contain clothes for everyday wear, work outfits, accessories, inner garments, and footwear that you can need immediately. Select pieces that are easy to match or that can be interchanged without a problem for some variety in your attire.
Changing homes can often become challenging. But with proper organization, even something as stressful as packing and moving your personal clothing will be a breeze.

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