How Can You Get Your Kids Excited About Moving?

kids excited about moving

Getting Your Kids Excited about Moving House

Whether you are moving home because of a new job in another state, or you are simply moving to a bigger or more suitable home, you may be worried about kids being less than enthusiastic. After all, your move may involve a change of school or area, and kids may be worried about missing neighbors and schoolmates. The Holmes Rahe Stress Scale actually lists a change of living conditions as number 28 on the list, so try to make the transition as smooth as possible by letting a moving service take care of all the hard work. That way, you can focus on making it easier for your kids by following a few handy tips.

Relying on a Trusted Moving Service

In order for kids to feel at home in their new home, it is important for them to take key items that will make them feel comforted. These can include everything from their favorite toys to a treasured wardrobe, crate, or desk. Hiring a moving service will ensure you don’t need to leave these well loved items; indeed, you can save considerably by bringing quality pieces that are loved but still cherished to your new home.

Giving Your Child Love and Support

If your child cries or expresses worry about the move, recognize and accept their emotions rather than suppressing these. A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that frequent changes of residence can be hard on children. Try as much as possible to maintain your child’s close ties. Play dates with their best friends and frequent visits to their favorite park will ensure they know they do not have to lose beloved friends and family simply because they are moving to a new home. Invite their old friends over to your house for play time or sleepovers, so kids feel a sense of connection to their former home.

Visualization of Your New Home

Getting kids excited about a brand new home can be achieved through creative or artistic pursuits. If you are having your new home built, make frequent visits with your child so they can see the home taking shape. When you are back home, ask them to draw your family inside their brand new home. Draw the entire home as well as individual rooms, asking your kids to design their respective rooms in their dream colors. Why not make these designs come true designing your children’s rooms in their preferred colors?

Helping Children with Anxiety

Some children may express a little anxiety about moving to a new house. If so, teach them relaxation techniques such as controlled breathing and meditation, using an app like Calm or Breathe2Relax. In just five minutes, breathing exercises can lower the heart rate and instill a sense of calm. These techniques are useful for children, who can rely on them any time they feel anxiety or panic coming on.

Get to Know the Neighbors

It’s important for children to make new friends as well, so introducing yourself to new neighbors and small business owners will help you expand your social circle. Sign your kids up for sport or creative classes in the summer. Hopefully, they will meet other kids from their school or kids living close by who will be happy to become their new playmates. Make sure your home has lots of books and fun activities for kids to stay entertained during the process of integration into their new surrounds.

Moving home can be as stressful as it is exciting for children. Try to get kids excited about the move by letting them form part of aspects such as design and furniture. Give them a bit of extra love and affection when they feel sad, assuring them that they can keep up with old friends or even through online facilities like Skype.

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