The Future of Senior Physical and Mental Health

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Services of the Future: Relocation for Seniors

People’s needs change as they grow older and with the 65+ age range set to double by 2060, baby boomers of today need to be considering their requirements of tomorrow. Relocating to a smaller, more manageable and suitable property is an important moment for many seniors, but often the right support isn’t there. They may wish to spend their retirement overseas, enjoying a more relaxed living environment, but the legal, financial and physical burden could prevent this. Future services should focus on the physical and mental wellbeing of seniors by improving relocation policy.

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Why Do Seniors Want to Relocate?

Although seniors are often reluctant to move, they are also quick to realize that doing so can vastly improve wellbeing. If they have had children who have now left home, they will be left with a house which is too big and requires too much maintenance. Downsizing can simplify daily chores, leaving them with more free time to pursue hobbies.

Seniors may move to be closer to amenities and public transport as they spend less time driving. They may also want to be close to family so that they can stay socially connected and get quick access to healthcare. Houses specifically designed to provide adequate assisted living can make everyday life easy and enjoyable. New builds are often more suitable than remodeling a senior’s current residence.

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What Problems Do They Face?

Moving house can be a lengthy and costly process. For older residents, the time and energy required may not seem worthwhile. They may also have a sentimental attachment to a property if they have been there for several decades. This can lead a person to remain in unsuitable accommodation.

What Can We Do?

Seniors tend to be concerned about their physical and financial wellbeing. Services should be designed to minimize unnecessary stress. There needs to be a way to guarantee that the move will be easy, while making financial sense. Private companies can offer comprehensive services which deal with all the legal and logistical problems, while working directly with seniors to provide support every step of the way.

Relocation can have incredible benefits for the wellbeing of older citizens. They can move into assisted living and retirement homes, leaving behind the burdens of unsuitable housing. However, in the future, large numbers of seniors will require improved services, which make the relocation process easy and affordable.

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