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A Guide To Cleaning Your New Home Before Moving In

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Moving into a new home gives you a literal fresh start as there’s nothing like the feeling of moving into an uncluttered space. While some may think that their new abode may be cleaner than their previous one, the truth is that all houses are teeming with germs and bacteria that are too small to be seen with the naked eye. According to a study, the average American home contains over 7,000 species of bacteria and more than 2,000 species of fungus. While some of these bacteria may be harmless, others can cause a host of illnesses ranging from the common cold to gastroenteritis. To ensure a healthy and safe environment for your family, proper cleaning and disinfection should be done prior to moving in. Moreover, it’s also essential to take precautions while packing to avoid bringing in more germs and bacteria to your new abode. Here’s a guide to cleaning your new home before moving in.

Deep Clean Your New Home

Plan on deep cleaning your new home at least two weeks before the big move. If you’re moving into a newly constructed house, then sweeping, dusting, mopping and scrubbing with a mild disinfectant will suffice as you’ll only need to get rid of the dust and debris during construction. Also, be on the lookout for rogue nails, screws, and other sharp objects as these may cause harm or injury, especially if you have little ones in the family. Meanwhile, if you’re moving into an established home, then a more thorough clean may be in order to get rid of mold, as well as tough dirt and stains on surfaces. You can hire trained cleaning professionals who use safe and green cleaning methods to make your new home sparkling clean. Using cleaning services is also a good way to get rid of germs and bacteria lurking in old homes as they have the equipment to deal with these in a fast and effective way.

Clean Your Blongings Before Packing

TTo reduce the amount of germs and bacteria that you’ll bring into your new home, consider cleaning your belongings before packing them neatly in boxes or airtight containers. Try doing this at least a week before moving so you won’t rush through the cleaning process. Wipe down books, knick-knacks, and other items that collect dust with a microfiber cloth, then pack them carefully. Muddy shoes and other items that have mud, mold, grease or grime should be washed and dried thoroughly before packing. If anything is too far gone to clean, dispose of these items properly and buy a replacement before moving day.

Don’t Forget To Clean Your Old Home Too

Once you’re all settled in your new home, it’s important not to neglect your old abode and give it a thorough clean as a courtesy to your landlord or the family that will be moving in. Now that the place is empty, it will be easier to clean each room effectively, so start cleaning from the innermost areas, such as the bedrooms, working your way towards the outside of the home. Pay attention to the kitchen and bathrooms as these spots may need some extra scrubbing– you can use an all-purpose cleaning solution diluted with water and a scrubbing brush to clean greasy or moldy spots, or use a paste made of baking soda and water to tackle these areas.
Cleaning your new home is the key to a fresh and healthy living environment. Not only will you enjoy living in a pristine home, but you’ll also ensure the well-being of your family. Try these tips to make your new home sparkling clean, and don’t forget to give your old home some TLC, too.

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