Cleaning Items Taken Out of Storage

cleaning items taken out of storage

When you are moving house, it is time to get all the items out of the attic and the basement that you have accumulated over the years. This may also be the opportunity to assess your possessions and decide if you need to actually keep what you have been storing. The items that you have been keeping are likely to be dirty and dusty. You might even be presented with mold if there are damp or moisture problems with the house. These will need to be thoroughly cleaned before you transport them to your new home.

Removing mold with bleach

Mold can be a serious risk to your health, causing breathing problems, skin rashes and allergies. It is important that it is completely removed, otherwise it will spread. Mold will also cause damage to your possessions and you may not be able to salvage them. First you should vacuum off any loose mold spores. Make sure that the vacuum that you use has a HEPA filter on it. This will minimize the spores that are released into the air. You can then use bleach (1 cup for every gallon of water) to remove the remaining mold. There are also many commercial mold removers available – most of these contain sodium hypochlorite, which is the active ingredient in bleach.

Natural mold removers

If you want to use something nontoxic, vinegar is a good, natural cleaner. The advantage of vinegar is that it doesn’t give off fumes like some commercial mold cleaners, or bleach.

However, a study has shown that it only kills 82% of species. Other natural alternatives include a solution of borax and water, or baking powder and water. These are harmless to you, your children and to your family pets. If you are using baking powder, add a tablespoon into a spray bottle of water. Spray on your moldy area, leave for 15 minutes and then wash off. If you are using borax, use one cup for every gallon of warm water. You don’t need to leave the solution on, just simply use it to wipe over your dirty items.

Cleaning Dusty Boxes

If you have boxes, cases and other items that are excessively dusty, make sure that you use a mask before cleaning them, as the dust may trigger coughing or breathing difficulties. Take your items outside to clean them if you can. Use a brush attachment on your vacuum to remove the worst of the dust. After this, you can use a duster to remove the rest. If your boxes are waterproof, then give them a good wipe over with a clean sponge. If there are items that need special protection from dust, make sure that you cover them for transit. Plastic bags, securely taped up together can be used for this.

When you are moving home, it is important to get all your storage items clean before you leave. That way, when you start unpacking in your new house, you’re not bringing the old dust and mold spores with you.

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