The Best Tech for a Smooth Home Move

best tech for a smooth home move

Moving homes is undoubtedly one of the most exciting things you can do. And while it should be the start of a great new chapter in your life, it can also be a stressful time too. Between actually finding your perfect home, planning the move, packing then unpacking, decorating and getting to know your neighborhood, there is certainly a lot that goes into moving. There is also a lot that can sometimes go wrong. Fortunately, technology is here to make your life and your move easier.

Over Half of Buyers Find their Home Online

The property sector has adapted to embrace new technology to improve how it engages with customers. With more than 51% of buyers now finding their next home online, technology is changing the process of buying a new home. Without even needing to walk into an agent’s office, you can browse the web looking for a property to buy or rent. With only 30% of buyers using a traditional real estate agent, no longer do you need to spend hours driving around looking at properties or trawling real estate agents. Even finding a mortgage lender is now easier thanks to technology.

Keep on Top of your Planning to Do List

Wunderlist has become one of the most popular planning apps and is ideal to keep you organized and on top of all the things you need to do for a smooth home move. You can keep all your different lists in it, organized by hashtag and folders. You can set due dates and reminders so you won’t forget a thing. You can even share to-do lists with other people, assigning them their own tasks and lists.

Get Organized with Smart Trackers 

Most people misplace a few things when they move. But special trackers like Pixie smart trackers can help you. All you need to do is put one of the tabs on the box with perhaps some of your more valuable items, and then you can use your phone to find it quickly amongst all the other boxes you have packed. Another way to keep you organized is by packing with a digital organizer, Sortly. It’s an app that lets you take inventory of what you packed in each box so you know where to find your favorite things. You can even create QR code labels for the boxes, access your account online and export your lists via PDF and Dropbox.

Get Peace of Mind with a Smart Lock

You, of course, want to feel safe and secure in your new home. But why just go for a standard lock when you can have a smart lock in your new home? A great way to get peace of mind that your new home is as secure as possible is to invest in something like Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt. It lets you check its status anytime, and you can even lock the door remotely with the Schlage Sense Wifi Adapter.

Let Technology Take Stress out of House Move

We all know that moving homes can be a little stressful and while these apps and technology might not make moving completely worry or hassle-free, they can help you find the place of your dreams, keep track of your prized possessions and even ensure you stay on top of all the things to do. They can even give you peace of mind that your new home is safe and secure. Whether you are moving just down the street or to the other end of the country, technology can help you save valuable time, money and energy.

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