Avoid the Stress of Moving: Map Out a Furniture Plan

Map Out a Furniture Plan

Avoid the Stress Of Moving: Map Out A Furniture Plan

More than 58% of Americans feel that the moving process is more stressful than planning a wedding. With the average US person expected to relocate roughly six times in their lifetime according to Sparefoot.com, reducing the impact of a stressful transfer makes sense to prevent unnecessary tension. From decluttering and tidying up to packing and settling in the new place, you can make the process easier by preparing plans to identify where to fit your personal belongings and furniture.

Measure your new space

One of the biggest headaches when moving to another abode is that your things especially furniture might not actually fit in the new place. Skip this hassle and measure the floor space where you’ll be moving before packing. If your grandma’s cupboard is just too large for the hallway, think carefully before sending it off with the movers. Give it to another family member, donate or sell, it does not make sense to bring it with you if you have no place to put it.

Measure first the entryways or the heights and widths of hallways and doorways to know if your furniture will fit the space. Your entry clearance should be adequate factoring in stairways, banisters, and hanging lights. Ensure that the biggest or longest piece of a chair, table or bed will fit the doorway. If you’re meticulous with your records, you might even have kept the assembly instructions that contain precise and detailed furniture dimensions saving you the hassle of measuring space.

Design a floor plan

A floor plan is important if you want to see how your furniture will fit into your new dwelling. If you’re patient and have time to spare, you can use a grid sheet to map out where your furniture will be located. You can even incorporate artistic elements in the design map and pinpoint where to put paintings, flower vases, statues and other ornaments in a living space. There are several tutorials that exist to guide you through drawing a simple floor plan.

Virtual planning is also possible with online software that allows you to envision how rooms will look like with furniture using a computer or tablet device. Move, switch or try different arrangements online. Sites such as Floorplanner.com, Planyourroom.com and Room Home Sketcher Designer are great home design tools.

Having a floor plan is a practical solution to ease the stress and pressure of switching houses. When you design where your furniture will go and how it will fit, it’s a matter of telling movers where to put them once you’re in the new house saving you valuable time and avoiding unwanted anxiety.

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